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Services you get

This is what I can help you with by using the Unreal Engine:


High quality real time archviz projects

Provide your clients with captivating visuals that have high perceived value. Present your architectural design in a truly spectacular and easy to understand way!


Complete VR experiences

Virtual reality has become a next level presentation tool for showcasing any design. Involve your clients fully into your architectural space and sweep them off their feet with using VR!


Fully optimized scenes

Presenting your projects in a slow and stuttering way will kill the otherwise compelling experience. Get heavily optimized scenes so they can be run even on mid category computers!


Customized interactive projects

Real time is able to bring life into any design and supports all kind of interactions, such as presenting and switching between different design variations in real time. Make your architectural space fully interactive!

What to expect from me?

This is what you’ll get if you decide to collaborate:

Quality without compromise

It’s important to me that you would get what you expect – and nothing less. I will work on your project until you say it is what you’ve been looking for.

More time & peace of mind

I know the risks you might face by collabing with a partner you never worked with before. I know what to watch out for. You outsource the project to me, I will deliver it in time – without any stress and the need of managing me.

Your life made easier

Certainly, there are decisions to make in any design process. You will get full support from me by proactively taking part in the process by giving you capable suggestions and asking questions – if needed.

„From minute one, Andras understood the scope of the project and worked with us in a very efficient and easy to communicate way that turn a very stressful project due to a short deadline into a pleasing experience for us and our client. It did provide a final VR package to our client who was more than happy with the result, specially given the very short deadline.”

2 fun facts about real time technology

Why do you need to consider using real time for your business?


sign off for clients made easier

Real time is definitely changing the way architects and interior designers present their ideas. It enables their clients to walk around in the virtual environment that has all the materials and lights set up. They can even switch between different design variations within a blink of an eye. Because of that, sign off for clients becomes a lot easier.

Read the full article on the website of Epic Games


More efficient sales in real estate

Trust is key when buying a real estate, and one way to deal with it is to eliminate any guesswork. With real time, prospects can fully explore the apartment as they control where to go. It can significantly reduce the sales acquisition time, help buyers to understand the project quicker and gives more informed basis to make a purchasing decision.

Read the full article on the website of Epic Games

How does a collaboration Typically look like?

Depending on the project size, its complexity and the given deadline, these are the steps we usually go through when working together:


Preparation stage

We get in touch in email or on Skype (which you prefer)

You provide me with the input I need

Details about your project

Your goals with it

All the necessary data (drawings, renders, references) in email

We discuss all the questions we might have in email

In case of a complex project, I create a detailed task list and/or wireframe (if custom programming is needed)

You approve the task list and/or the wireframe

Up until this point, I know exactly what you need


Proposal stage

I send you a written proposal within 24-48 hours (depending on the complexity of the project)

We discuss all the questions you might have in email or on Skype

We agree on the terms and conditions, the project gets a green light


Raw work in progress (1st WIP) stage

The 3d model is being worked on

It can be a modeling from scratch…

…or it can be your 3d model that I prepare for Unreal

The model is exported then imported into Unreal

A basic light setup is created

You receive the 1st WIP package that you can run on your computer

If I model your project from scratch, it will contain only the structure, in gray color

If I work on a received model, it will contain all the 3d models, in gray color

You provide me with your feedback


Detailed work in progress (2nd WIP) stage

Your feedback is implemented

The raw textures and materials are created and applied

All the models in the scene is finalized

The final light setup is created

You receive the 2nd WIP package that you can run on your computer

It contains all the 3d models with textures and materials applied but some of them might be in gray color

Post processing is not applied at this stage

You provide me with your feedback


Final work in progress (3rd WIP) stage

Your feedback is implemented

The lights and materials are finalized

Post processing is applied and finalized

The scene is optimized in terms of performance

You receive the 3rd WIP package that you can run on your computer – it’s basically the final content

You provide me with your minor feedback


Finalizing the project

Your feedback is implemented

The project is finetuned and prepared for final delivery

You receive the final package, the project is concluded!

„András was involved in a highly important project as a 3d expert. He had to create top-quality renderings within extremely tight deadline. We gave him the project out of the blue because the other 3d architects weren’t able to produce the results we wanted. András worked on our project 24/7 in spite of the fact that he had other jobs to do in parallel. He easily understood what we needed. András delivered stunning renderings: we couldn’t make any difference between his products and the refe-rence images we gave him. We accomplished this project at top-quality within the deadline so we could win over our clients.”

How can real time archviz be a help to your business?

Read the case study of the 'Miraflores' project and learn how real time helped my client!

Let's collab!

This is the next step if you’re interested:

If you feel I might contribute to your real time archviz projects with my knowledge and experience (using the Unreal Engine), let’s have a talk!

We can set up a Skype conversation, or we can have a talk on email. Pick the one you prefer.


About me

I help people with unleashing and bringing their visions into life so they can make this world a bit of a better place by creating something great.

I work with architects, interior designers, archviz studios and film production companies with creating high-end quality archviz real time visuals, virtual reality experiences and VFX content for virtual productions using the Unreal Engine.

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What is 'real time' archviz?

And what are the key benefits of using it for your business?

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What is ‘real time’ archviz?

To understand why it’s important and how it might be a complete game changer, you need to know what it is.

How does ‘real time’ archviz work?

I will show it to you in a super simple and easy to understand way so you can easily grasp it. 

What are the 3 key benefits of using ‘real time’ archviz for your business?

I will show you the three important benefits (that I consider as the major ones) of using ‘real time’ archviz for your business.

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