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I help people with unleashing and bringing their visions into life so they can make this world a bit better by creating something great.

I help architects, interior designers, archviz studios and real estate investors with creating high-end quality architectural visuals using Unreal Engine.

Creating interactive archviz with Unreal Engine is pretty much a hobby for me.

Why am I specialized in using Unreal Engine?

For two reasons.

First, creating content with Unreal Engine is rather an art for me than manufacturing purely functional products. It’s a way of self-expression. I believe every artist finds his or her passion (way of expression) in different forms of art. This type of creation resonates with me the most.

Second, Unreal Engine is becoming a key tool for archviz because of VR and the opportunities it has to offer. According to one of the most influential marketing strategist, Seth Godin, virtual reality is going to play an essential role in our everyday life. This applies for archviz as well: engaging more of our senses to achieve a lifelike experience is becoming a huge trend in the forthcoming years.

Still images are great – they will always play a specific role in archvit. But taking part in shaping the future and providing more engaging and lifelike experience is much more exciting for me.


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What my clients tell about me

Some testimonials you might be interested in

"From minute one, Andras understood the scope of the project and worked with us in a very efficient and easy to communicate way that turn a very stressful project due to a short deadline into a pleasing experience for us and our client. It did provide a final VR package to our client who was more than happy with the result, specially given the very short deadline.”
"András was involved in a highly important project as a 3d expert. He had to create top-quality renderings within extremely tight deadline. We gave him the project out of the blue because the other 3d architects weren’t able to produce the results we wanted. András worked on our project 24/7 in spite of the fact that he had other jobs to do in parallel. He easily understood what we needed. András delivered stunning renderings: we couldn’t make any difference between his products and the refe-rence images we gave him. We accomplished this project at top-quality within the deadline so we could win over our clients."
"The interior design of the monastery became a success story! A lot of people congratulated me and my client was absolutely fascinated with the final result. It’s your success as well because without your work I couldn’t have sold my ideas to my client!"

What is 'real time' archviz?

And what are the key benefits of using it for your business?

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What is ‘real time’ archviz?

To understand why it’s important and how it might be a complete game changer, you need to know what it is.

How does ‘real time’ archviz work?

I will show it to you in a super simple and easy to understand way so you can easily grasp it. 

What are the 3 key benefits of using ‘real time’ archviz for your business?

I will show you the three important benefits (that I consider as the major ones) of using ‘real time’ archviz for your business.

Latest articles about real time technology

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Archviz and Virtual Production – Live Project Updates

Besides archviz, virtual production (VP) is a field of CGI that I’ve been pretty interested in.

The essence of VP is the following: when creating a motion picture (e.g. a movie) that includes any CGI content, you use LED walls around the character(s) and you display the 3d content in real time. This way, when shooting, you’ll get the final blended result – instead of using green box and then putting each recorded shot together with the CGI environment in the post production phase.

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What’s New In 2020?

Okay, I just want to make a little announcement in a seperate blog post. I know I wasn’t really active over the past year in terms of creating new piece of content but I plan to change that from this month. I know there is a limited amount of content out there on real time technology – and that’s what I want to change from 2020 on.

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