Case study

The Miraflores apartment VR experience in Lima, Peru

Created with Unreal Engine

Real time visualization is undeniably here

If you’ve been hesitant about using it for your business, this short story might be helpful for you – I think it illustrates pretty well what you can gain from using real time technology.

This is the story of my latest client Manuel Huertas Marchena and his business partner Luis Alberto Heraud Garcia, the owners of InterActivo Pro. Manuel worked on Hollywood blockbusters such as Deadpool, Star Trek Beyond, Annihilation and many more mainly as a senior 3d artist, but he also creates pretty cool archviz related content for his clients with his team.


„We’ve been getting demands from clients more and more interested in real time rendering solutions for archviz.” – said Manuel – „So we started looking to expand into this market to provide these services for our customers. One particular client came with a very tight deadline and we needed some help to complete the Miraflores project with high quality but also really fast.”

This is when Manuel contacted me if I can help them with creating this project.

They planned to showcase only a part of a modern apartment (the master bedroom with a small bathroom and wardrobe) in VR for a tradeshow in Lima, Peru. Their secret hope was to crank up the sales process a bit during the exhibition by using real time technology.

The Miraflores project was the first experience of Manuel’s client with real time – it’s always a big challenge and a huge responsibility. They didn’t really know what to expect from it so they felt uncertain about real time – and I totally understood it.

To be honest, the tight deadline seemed scary a bit: we had only a week to finish the project from modeling to optimizing the Unreal Engine scene for VR. I pretty much knew how much work we needed in order to deliver successfully.

But it’s not just the work I was concerned about. I know from experience that the shorter the deadline, the more stressful a project can be for a client. It’s because of the nature of real time archviz: things tend to get together towards the end of the project. Until then, for most cases, it’s hard to see how the final product will look like.

In addition to that, if we screw things up, it will definitely discourage Manuel’s client from using real time solutions in the future which might be unbeneficial for their business in the long run.

„Fortunately, Andras understood the bidding process and he knew how to break things down in a way that a client understands what he’s getting exactly and be flexible to adapt depending on the project size and timing.”

Finally, we agreed and I took the challenge with my team.

The VR package in action, in house

Three of us worked non-stop, during the weekend in order to deliver. We ran into a couple technical issues (that’s just the nature of real time technology) but we managed to solve them successfully. It was quite an intense ride, but it was totally worth it.

„The process has been really smooth, a realtime visualization project have a million details, technical and artistic that need to be constantly reassessed to ensure things are efficient and marketing brief goals are meet.” – said Manuel – „It’s easy to get caught in small things. Andras always had the bigger picture in mind and knew how to keep the entire project in track, prioritizing what is most important in order to ensure the best quality output for the Miraflores project within the time given.”

Managing and actively working on real time archviz projects (especially under tight deadline) is often demanding in terms of communication. Keeping Manuel and Luis away from stress during our collaboration was my top priority. 

„From minute one, Andras understood the scope of the project and worked with us in a very efficient and easy to communicate way that turn a very stressful project due to a short deadline into a pleasing experience for us and our client.” – said Manuel.

Finally, I sent the final package to Luis right before the beginning of the tradeshow in Lima. I was fascinated with the fact that nearly an hour later, after working on it in Budapest, the project was showcased in another continent, almost 11,500 kilometers away from me. That was pretty awesome!

The final VR package in action during the tradeshow in Lima, Peru

After the delivery, all of us were quite pleased with the results of this collaboration.

„It did provide a final VR package to our client who was more than happy with the result, specially given the very short deadline.” – said Manuel.

„They were very impressed with the level of detail, some believed it was a real space. That says things for itself.” – said Luis – „Everything was pretty good, the client later told me that his boss was very happy with the response and emotions of his guests with the VR experience. Even that same night 2 apartments were sold which speaks very well for the result.”

I’m glad I could help – and thanks for your trust. Stories like that always reassures me to continue my journey with real time visualization in Unreal Engine.


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