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Archviz and Virtual Production – Live Project Updates

Besides archviz, virtual production (VP) is a field of CGI that I’ve been pretty interested in. The essence of VP is the following: when creating a motion picture (e.g. a movie) that includes any CGI content, you use LED walls around the character(s) and you display the 3d content in real time. This way, when shooting, you’ll get the final blended result – instead of using green box and then putting each recorded shot together with the CGI environment in the post production phase.

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What’s New In 2020?

Okay, I just want to make a little announcement in a seperate blog post. I know I wasn’t really active over the past year in terms of creating new piece of content but I plan to change that from this month. I know there is a limited amount of content out there on real time technology - and that's what I want to change from 2020 on.

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Welcome On Board!

Welcome to my website and thanks for being here! I’m András Rónai, architect and 3d archviz artist, and I specialized myself in using the Unreal Engine 4 for architectural visualizations. I plan to share my experience here of using Unreal so you can bring out more from this awesome engine. I really hope you’ll find these articles pretty useful!

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