What’s New In 2020?

Okay, I just want to make a little announcement in a seperate blog post. I know I wasn’t really active over the past year in terms of creating new piece of content but I plan to change that from this month. I know there is a limited amount of content out there on real time technology - and that's what I want to change from 2020 on.

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How to optimize your archviz scenes in unreal? (Three great resources for learning)

Studying peformance optimization has a little background story for me. For a particular archviz project, I had to provide my client with a flawless virtual reality experience. Up until that occasion, I’ve never been taken performance optimization much more seriously. I felt that it’s time to dig deep into the wonderful and exciting world of performance optimization.

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Welcome On Board!

Welcome to my website and thanks for being here! I’m András Rónai, architect and 3d archviz artist, and I specialized myself in using the Unreal Engine 4 for architectural visualizations. I plan to share my experience here of using Unreal so you can bring out more from this awesome engine. I really hope you’ll find these articles pretty useful!

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