Archviz and Virtual Production – Live Project Updates

Besides archviz, virtual production (VP) is a field of CGI that I’ve been pretty interested in. 

The essence of VP is the following: when creating a motion picture (e.g. a movie) that includes any CGI content, you use LED walls around the character(s) and you display the 3d content in real time. This way, when shooting, you’ll get the final blended result – instead of using green box and then putting each recorded shot together with the CGI environment in the post production phase.

To illustrate that, just check out this awesome video about virtual production.

A TV creative agency contacted me if I could help them with creating a virtual environment for a commercial shooting. – instead of physically build the environment for the shooting.

So I’m helping them mainly with creating photoreal and archviz based content for VP. 

We agreed on creating two seperate archviz scenes: one from scratch (based on an existing living room interior design) and one from a purchased scene that I need to import into Unreal Engine.

Live Project Updates

Because I find virtual production interesting, and there’s not so much information out there on this topic, I decided to give real time updates on how I make progress with the project. 

I’ll start documenting the process from Monday and you can follow it on my Facebook page. 

I plan to post screenshots, details and takeaways of the project regularly. So it will be a great opportunity to get to know more about virtual production and real time archviz if you are:

  • …an ‘end user’ of any real time and interactive content that is created with the Unreal Engine, such as real estate investor, architect, interior designer, creative agency director or filmmaker;
  • …a professional, a fellow 3d artist who works with the Unreal Engine (or plan to learn and implement this technology in the future).

real time updates on my Facebook page

In order to get these updates on the process of creation, check out my Facebook page:

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What is 'real time' archviz?

What Are The Key Benefits Of Using It for your business?

‘Real time’ technology is undeniably here. It has become, and will be more and more affordable in the near future.

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I help people with unleashing and bringing their visions into life with real time technology (using Unreal Engine) so they can make this world a bit of a better place by creating something great.

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