What’s New In 2020?

Okay, I just want to make a little announcement in a seperate blog post. I know I wasn’t really active over the past year (I was very, very busy) but I plan to change that from this month.

So let’s see: what’s new in 2020?

New topics Will be covered in my content

Clients come to me so I can help them with creating real time visuals. They know what this technology is about, why it is important and how it might be beneficial for them. They are actively searching ways to implement it into their business.

I had great conversations with my clients over the last 3 years. They all have a common problem: it took quite some time to learn more about real time even though they are the ‘end users’ of it, not the ‘creators’. They were more than open to it but they also had to spend many hours to educate themselves about this technology. 

The thing is, there isn’t too much content out there specifically for them about real time.

Which is quite frustrating and I totally understand it. Spending hours to browse through the internet to search for little pieces of useful information from here and there is tiring. And sometimes there’s just no time to do that.

So that’s why I decided to extend the topics I will cover in my future content.

I will be creating more posts, videos and articles focusing on the ‘end users’, the ‘clients’ of real time archviz. 

Besides the technical stuff about Unreal Engine, of course.

A new ebook is here

The first step towards this new concept is my new ebook that I’ve just finished writing.

In this short reading, I introduce what real time archviz is and what the key benefits are of using it for your business. You can grab a free copy by checking the gray box below this article.

Facebook: My main Communication channel

All of my new articles and videos will be announced on Facebook, plus I plan to share smaller piece of content there, so I highly recommend to check and like my Facebook page if you’d like to keep updated.

New portfolio page

A lot of people emailed me because they just couldn’t find my portfolio – and I had to realize that indeed, so far I had no portfolio page at all. So this is a big update, although I still need weeks to upload pictures and videos of all the projects that I’ve worked on. 

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to announce.

See you on Facebook then, and hit me at andras@andrasronai.com if you have any questions that I can help you with.

What is 'real time' archviz?

What Are The Key Benefits Of Using It for your business?

‘Real time’ technology is undeniably here. It has become, and will be more and more affordable in the near future.

If you are open to new innovations in your business, have heard about ‘real time’ archviz but not sure what it is and how it might be helpful for your business, this free ebook is for you.

Click here to download the FREE pdf ebook!


About the author, Andras RONAI

I help people with unleashing and bringing their visions into life with real time technology (using Unreal Engine) so they can make this world a bit of a better place by creating something great.

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